aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What I want to be writing today

I had a migraine yesterday, and ended up using two Maxalt. It came back and now I guess I'll just have to live or die with it.

Right now, I'm working on an adult book with a co-writer. I just finished the FBI's Citizens' Academy (all except live-fire day). She just interviewed Dr. Michael Baden, who has a show on HBO called "Autopsy." I'm reading Crime Scene Investigation. The chapter on homicide shows photos of real murdered people - thankfully black and white.

But today, all I want to do is be writing a book that takes no research at all. Where I can just sit down and write and it's simple, without worrying I'm making a million errors. Where a girl loves a guy, but he doesn't love her back, and then she hatches a plan to get his attention, and it all goes hilariously awry.... I guess I also want to be writing something light. Those photos give me pause.

This book will be something like my eighth published (maybe 11th written). So I know that for me, at least, it's not uncommon to fall in love with the idea of writing a different book altogether.

Has that ever happened to you?

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Tags: falling in love with another book
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