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Do you share a name?

Do you share a name or does your book share its title? Want to know how to bring it up in Google search results? A reporter named Matthew Creamer discovered how to do just that – and banish mentions of some other, less savory Matthew Creamers.

He also tells this story: “what happens when corporations, even those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year to craft their brand images, ignore their profiles on search engines. Case in point: A huge consumer-goods company running a high-profile, youth-focused online promotion for a major brand discovered after launch that when people Googled the web address of the promotion -- a mistake a lot of consumers make -- the top results took them to something rather off-brand. Firing up the web browser on his iPhone, one of the executives showed me the website where they ended up. Its central image is a few well-built men cuddling, their enormous genitalia on display for any kids who might have strayed there in an effort to see if they had won a prize from the maker of their favorite processed-meat treat.”


To read more about how you can banish your doppelgangers, click here.

Do you share a name? There are many April Henrys. At one point, one even bought aprilhenry.com, aprilhenry.net and aprilhenry.org (back when it was a lot more expensive to buy domain names, which is why I was dragging my feet). At least she didn't turn them into porn sites.

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