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Rick's star gets even higher

I first knew Rick Riordan as a moderately successful mystery author. He had accomplished one thing that was nearly impossible: breaking free from the ghetto of paperback originals into hardcovers. [Full disclosure: someone else who has made the jump is Laura Lippman.]

Then he wrote a little book called The Lightning Thief. And now he's a very successful kid's author. And Scholastic has just announced something called 39 CLUES, "a multi-platform adventure series for ages 8-12." According to the NY Times, "An online game will allow readers to search for the 39 clues themselves, while solving puzzles and playing mini-games that will be refreshed daily. Mr. Levithan said the site would include blogs written from the points of view of characters, and maps, treasure hunts and videos, many with historical and geographical content."

Rick wrote the first book, THE MAZE OF BONES, and "outlined the program's 10-book story arc." Future authors include Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, and Jude Watson.

"As for whether attaching the books to an Internet game could help recruit new readers, he said: “Some kids are always going to prefer games over books. But if you can even reach a few of those kids and give them an experience with a novel that makes them think, ‘Hey, reading can be another way to have an adventure,’ then that’s great. Then I’ve done my job.”"

Read more here.

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