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What happens when you wear your FBI hat when you go running

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Wear this hat on a long run through SW Portland (aka Puddletown) and what do you get:
- One serious nod from an old man walking
- Two young women who will not meet your eyes at ALL
- One bemused double-take from a guy leaving his apartment
- One chuckle from Paul, the homeless guy (guess he knows I'm not that tough)
- The desire to run faster, without stopping, like you really are in the FBI

Portland has a love-hate relationship with the FBI. We don't participate in the joint terrorism task force, basically because we don't trust the FBI. We watched them arrest local lawyer Brandon Mayfield. They misidentified a fingerpint found at the Madrid train bombings as his, snuck into his house, wiretapped him. They arrested him under a material witness warrant rather than under charge, and held him with no access to family and limited access to legal counsel. Later, the FBI leaked the nature of the charges to the media and the family discovered what the charges were by watching the news. His family protested that Mayfield had no connection with the bombings, nor had he been to Spain in over 11 years.

Can you say profiling? I'm sure Brandon Mayfield would never have been arrested if he hadn't converted to Islam.

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