aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

"The tactics are which change."

Writers should always have a dictionary handy. I was reading the September issue of Glamour (I am the oldest living subscriber), and in one of the articles the author says that after a bad breakup, she wanted to "scuffle off" and hide. Scuffle means to struggle or to drag (scuff) the feet. It's not usually followed by the word off. I think she meant "scuttle off," which means to run or move with short hurried movements. Crabs are often referred to as "scuttling off."

I think the editor should have caught it.

Now can someone parse President Bush's impassioned statement about how we are going to stay the course in Iran? This morning, I was listening to him hammer another nail into the coffin of the Republicans in the upcoming November election. In response to a question, he explained, "The tactics are which change."

The scary thing is that I think I understood him.

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