aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I don't want to move my arms

I don't want to move my arms. Not even to swing them slightly when I'm walking. Every muscle in them hurts, including some teeny muscles in my wrists I didn't even know I had.

See, I got chosen by Cooking Light to have a work out designed just for me by Gin Miller, the lady who invented step aerobics.

And of course, since we have all seen every kind of workout there is, mine has to be something unusual.

It's boxing.

This morning I hit the heavy bag in our basement (acquired four years ago when kid went through brief phase of wanting one) as hard as I would an assailant, or perhaps my editor after a hundred pages of revisions. I've done the routine a couple of times before, but not full out.

Now I hurt.

But in a month maybe I will have buff arms. Maybe.

Stay tuned - or check out the April issue.

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Tags: cooking light

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