aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

2007 – an amazing year

This year was amazing, in both good and bad ways. During it, I:
- Found out I don’t have colon cancer (let’s just say you do not want to do the things that allow them to figure this out).
- Had something so good happen that I only hinted about it on friends-locked posts.
- Had something so bad happen that I didn’t blog about it at all.
- Went to Europe with my husband and daughter for a wonderful two weeks.
- Finally finished line edits on a book that my editor and I labored for nearly two years to be on the same page about (I think we succeeded).
- Dealt with a number of family crises.
- Watched my mom fall in love at 72 – for the first time (she loved my dad, but no falling)
- Made a huge, life-changing decision.
- Discovered I really love boxing with a heavy bag.
- Seem to have acquired another kid, at least part time.
- Did 16 school presentations in four days – and realized I was pretty good at it.
- Shot a submachine gun.
- Prayed a lot more than I have in years.
- Discovered the book Chirunning, which changed the way I run (and I’ve been running for 30 years!)

What was the most amazing thing about YOUR year?

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