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Three wonderful things

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No, I'm not posting the same photo I did on December 31 for a second time.

This is Shadows Walking Backward. And it's going out to editors soon. It's about 16-year-old Cheyenne who meets 17-year-old Griffin when he steals the car she's in - and doesn't notice she is in the back. Now Cheyenne must escape her accidental kidnappers. There's only one problem - she's blind.

And the reason it's going out to editors is because Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair is officially accepted at Putnam. (I wrote it between edits on Fire, Kiss.)

And the third wonderful thing is that this retired FBI agent is going to be the most amazing source for the new adult series I'm working on with a coauthor. He knows everyone! Everything! Plus he even understands for fiction you have to speed things up or cut out boring details!

[Full disclosure: other, less wonderful things happened today, too, but I figure I can focus on these three.]

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