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My editor suggested I make a list of overused words and phrases and use “search” to find them. Here are some of mine. (Full disclosure: I think part of the problem arises from this book being purchased half-written in third person, then completed in third, then changed to first person at the request of my editor.)
- Began to [Just do it already]
- Shook his head [It’s a wonder my character’s heads haven’t fallen off]
- Turned [People are always turning to each other in my book]
- Leaned forward [I need a wider physical vocabulary for people to express their feelings]
- I realized [Just skip this part already and say what she realized]
- Was with a being verb form, ie “I was leaning” [Just lean!]
- I knew [No need to tell us this part]
- I could tell [I told you to stop doing this]
- Carefully [overused in general]

What words do YOU overuse?

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