aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The Manny-and the Money

I ran across this six-month old, yet still depressing, story from the NY Times. It’s about “The Manny,” a book that sold for one million dollars (along with a yet-to-be written book).

Why is it depressing? The article says, ““One of the main things publishers look for, especially with potentially commercial books,” said Sara Nelson, the editor of Publishers Weekly, “is a promotable author, an author who is attractive, an author who is connected, an author who has some sort of platform and might be able to get some coverage for the book, and this author has all that. Who she is definitely has some bearing on her getting this contract.””

I guess you use what you’ve got – connections, in this case – but it’s still kind of a downer. Read more here.

The book gets three stars from customers on Amazon, which is not that great, if you know Amazon. But Ingrams shipped more than 26,000 of these puppies in just six months. Which is amazing. AMAZING. (Ingrams can account for anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of sales.) So I guess their million dollars plus her connections is probably well on its way to paying off.

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