aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Living in the Library

Growing up, I practically lived at the library. It was my favorite place, and where I got my first job. Library Journal reports that a Brown University "spent a week in December "imprisoned" in a makeshift "apartment" he created in the Sciences Library's 24-hour study center as part of a stunt to win an annual talent contest that scores the winner first choice of campus housing. (The 2007 winner was The Skintones, a nude a cappella group.) As related on the IvyGate blog, Grant Gilles brought clothes, a cot, and other home essentials into the study area, and then had it filmed. ... Gilles seems to have done little actual studying in the library ... he spent a good chunk of time watching "the entire series of Weeds (seasons 1-3) bootleg on China's youtube equivalent."

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