aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Okay, it's not Scholastic Bookfairs, but it's a start

There' a program called Scholastic’s Reading Counts and Shock Point is on it. I guess Scholastic's editors pick books to be in the program (and not all Scholastic titles, because Shock Point is published by Putnam). They create quizzes based on the books to measure comprehension, and sell both the books and the quizzes on the website. As students read books, they take quizzes – allowing teachers and home schooling parents to measure the students' progress. It’s for independent reading. I'm told librarians and teachers like to use the program.

So does anyone use Reading Counts? I would love to order the quiz, but I don't really have $25 of stuff I want to order. Maybe I could piggyback on your order?

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