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Think twice!

I was reading It’s a Bunny Eat Bunny World, a book about children’s publishing which was written by a woman who has been an editor, agent and author. The book has some interesting insights, as well as some portions I didn't quite agree with (her explanation of bookstore signings was a bit rosy, IMHO).

In a section on cover art, she wrote, “Another time an author had described the protagonist as having short, curly red hair, but the artist painted her with long, curly black hair. The author insisted on having the art changed. The artist however refused to correct the hairstyle unless the publisher paid him to hire another model [Full disclosure from April: this must have been pre-Photoshop]. The publisher said it could not absorb the cost of a model as well. The artist finally agreed to paint over the black with red, so that the heroine ended up with rusty long hair. The author was so angry that she wrote an article, which appeared in a writer’s magazine, complaining that the publisher had not been sensitive to her book. In truth, the editorial department had supported her wish, but it was the production department, art director, and artist who had dug in their heels because of the cost. I never felt the same about that writer afterward because she saw me as her foe, not her ally.”

I think the lesson here is to think twice about complaining.

At least the lesson for me. I wish I were better about doing that.

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