aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Go Dumpster-diving - and other helpful tips to save money

Bankrupt Northwest Airlines has been getting some flak for a booklet of helpful tips they gave to workers who were being laid off. Tips include fishing in the trash ("Don't be shy about pulling something you like out of the trash." Wonder if that applies to food?) or taking their dates for a walk in the woods. (That second one sounds like the beginning of a thriller. Two go into the woods - but only one comes back!) (That's it - that's how you make money. You rob your date in the woods.)

Other suggestions on the money-saving idea list included giving homemade cards and gifts, asking doctors for prescription-drug samples (which you can then sell on the street?), borrowing a dress for ``a big night out," (didn't they ever read that short story "The Necklace"? What if they ruin the dress and have to slave for years to pay it back?) and giving children hand-me-down toys and clothes.

Also among the tips: No. 48: Move to a less expensive place to live; and No. 59: Never grocery shop hungry. I'm surprised No. 60 wasn't "eat less."

As a PR professional, can I just say - shouldn't someone have noticed how patronizing this was? This booklet was given to 60 staff. The results has been millions in free publicity. Bad publicity.

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