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Take a deep breath, slow down, enjoy life

Just back from a wonderful weekend at the coast. The pass is icy. We fishtailed a bit on the way there, that kind of sickening slide where you wonder exactly where you will end up, but my husband actually managed to keep us headed in the same basic direction.

On the way home, he lamented, "Why didn't we leave a minute earlier? Then we wouldn't be behind this VW bus." A few miles on, about 15 cars ahead of us there was a terrible accident. We didn't see it, but we saw the aftermath. Two men had gotten out of their cars and were directing traffic. No ambulances were on the scene yet. The woman in the car behind us was a nurse and ran to help. I saw a crushed red sport car. A dark something - I don't know what it used to be. A pickup? An SUV? I recognized tires, that was all. A blond woman lay on the road, a coat over her, but she seemed to be alive. Other, unmoving lumps were covered with coats. Twenty minutes ago, the local news web site said two died. Now it says three.

They closed the highway after we passed the accident. But as we drove away, cars headed towards us, going 60 or more miles an hour. People going our way flashed their lights, put on their flashers - anything to try to slow them down as they came around the curve to that scene of carnage. But still they sped on.

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