aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I guess I didn't really need to be jealous

So I was on tour in 2000, I think it was, down in LA. The publisher gives you an author escort. The best ones can be persuaded to talk about the other authors. (I heard some things about the two young ladies who wrote The Nanny Diaries that would curl your hair!).

Anyway, just the day before my escort had been with Chyna, this Amazonian-type woman, black hair, blue eyes, and six foot something, a star of the pro wrestling circuit. She had "written" an autobiography and now 800 fans at a time were lining up at Best Buys and Targets to get her signature.

My escort was still physically exhausted because the fans would push and push against her as she held the front of the line still. At a nod from one Chyna's bodyguards, she would bring up the next person for Chyna's signature. This went on for hours.

In the evening, a member of a band with a funny name had had dinner with Chyna, obviously smitten. He was twig-like compared to her. The escort finally remembered the band's name - N Sync.

Now Chyna is one of the "stars" of Celebrity Rehab, along with a porn star, some guy who used to be on Taxi, and an ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone.

Guess I shouldn't have been jealous.

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