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Sometimes it’s who you least suspect

The Edgar award is the most prestigious of the mystery awards. Many of the rest are fan-based, meaning they can be swayed by popularity of the person or how much the books were promoted or even whether an author shows up at the event where the voting takes place. The Edgars rest on the sheer strength of the story, as decided by a group of judges who are also writers.

Even though St. Martins offers entry-level authors teeny advances and virtually no support, often you’ll see a lot of SMP books on the short-list for the Edgars. I guess they spend so little that they might take more chances.

Now Publishers Weekly points out a different house that did very well in this year’s Edgar noms: Bleak House. “To nobody's surprise, when the Mystery Writers of America announced the finalists for the 2008 Edgar Awards last week titles from the large New York houses dominated the eight (out of a total of 13) categories dealing with books. But one small Wisconsin press is more than holding its own among the 35 books and five short stories selected as this year's Edgar Awards nominees. Three of the 15 titles released this past year by Bleak House Books in Madison, an imprint of Big Earth Books, have been nominated for 2008 Edgar Awards in three different categories: Soul Patch by Reed Farrel Coleman (Best Novel), Head Games by Craig McDonald (Best First Novel), and "Blue Note" by Stuart M. Kaminsky from the Chicago Blues collection (Best Short Story).”

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