aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What I will and won't miss about my job

Things I won’t miss:
-Microwave that says “Don’t cook popcorn in here! Some people are allergic!!!”
- Talking to a reporter and hearing the sound of their keys clicking as they take down everything I say verbatim - and then ask how I spell my name.
- Not eating tuna or egg salad in case it smells too stinky.
- Peeing in a metal stall in a long line of metal stalls.
- My alarm clock going off at 4:50 a.m.
- Scraping ice off my windshield.
- Wondering if it’s safe to drive to work.
- Hearing on the car radio, “And I-5 South is at a standstill.”
- Nylons.
- Loooong meetings (although I used to write in them while pretending I was taking notes)
- Performance reviews (like the one where I was told one of the most important thing I should work on was my handwriting).
- Some of the people I work with.

Things I will miss:
- A retirement plan.
- Benefits (although I have some through my husband’s work).
- Most of the people I work with.
- The two hawks that nest on the Fremont bridge and fly by my 8th floor window.
- Writing a really good article.

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