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How to do it all

Can you work fulltime, parent, exercise, still make home-cooked meals AND write a book a year?

Kind of. I have been for over 10 years. I figure I'll always do a half-assed job at something. And that's okay. The goal is to rotate your half-assedness.

Here are some tips:
- Buy a laptop. Bring it to piano lessons, birthday parties, and on vacations.
- Try to find a job that doesn't leave you brain dead at the end of the day.
- Don't work more than 40 hours. Once you start doing that, they expect it of you and don't even appreciate it.
- Have one kid. [I would say "Have one easy kid" but I know you don't control that.]
- Use your reading time with your kid to read your book aloud. Or read to the kid while they color.
- Don't get sick.
- If you do get sick, take care of yourself. Stop trying to do it all. [Full disclosure: says the woman who has had pneumonia every two to three years.]
- Read while riding an exercycle. Or brainstorm while running.
- Check out every cookbook in the library with the words "fast," "quick" or "less than X minutes" in the title.
- Write every single fricking day. Whether you feel like it or not.
- Limit or totally eliminate TV.

What are your tips?

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