aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Twenty-three words a minute

I type between 80 and 90 words a minute. But we all know typing isn't writing.

Today, I'm managing to write 23 words a minute. So in an hour, I'm squeezing out about 1,400 words.

Last night I started panicking. I basically need to get this book done (with the help of a co-author) by the end of February. Which means I have to write like I never have before.

This morning I wouldn't let myself eat breakfast until I had written for 30 minutes. I've decided to focus on writing new scenes rather than polish the ones I already have. Because that way lies negative word counts, not to mention craziness.

In other news, the medical examiner told me yesterday that they never, ever have families come indentify the body. He said that was the professional's job, and the last thing a grieving family needed.

Do you think all those TV shows, movies, and books are wrong? Or is it just different in Oregon?

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