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Harpers uses Myspace to promote a book

In December, MySpace announced a deal with Harper paperbacks and author Neil Strauss. Harper is providing to Myspace eight weekly video episodes that explore myths of dating from Strauss’s new book, Rules of the Game. The videos can be seen on MySpaceTV (www.myspacetv.com) and on Strauss’s official MySpace profile (www.myspace.com/neilstrauss).

Each three minute video features two former child actors, including the guy who played the son on Married with Children, acting out a rule from the book. At the conclusion of each video, Strauss explains more about the “rule.”

Viewers are supposed to submit posts showing how they did using the rule. And the author chooses one user who submits the best video to win a prize. The top prize is - hold your breathe - "a free ticket and travel to Strauss’s next Stylelife Academy seminar."

One problem with this idea is that I don't think the people watching the video or the people making videos are readers. They are more hoping to be noticed for their video or acting skills.

Then again, is this book really for readers? Only in the loosest sense of the term. Strauss is the co-author of books like How to Make Love Like a Porn Star (with Jenna Jameson), The Dirt (with Motley Crue), Don’t Try This At Home (with Dave Navarro) and The Long Hard Road Out of Hell (with Marilyn Manson).

Maybe he's just trying to start some buzz. But I've already gotten this book confused with "The Rules" which was popular a few years back. But that was for women, and this seems aimed at men.

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