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For richer or poorer

About seven or eight years ago, a friend of mine who was also a friend of Jean Auel's (as in Clan of the Cave Bear) got me invited to Jean's house. Located out in the country, it was beautiful and sprawling. In the driveway, all the cars had vanity plates, each one the name of a character from her books. The house was so big it had two pool rooms: one to house a pool, and one where you could shoot pool.

But what most impressed me were the stacks of books every place. Not just any kind of book: hardcovers. That spoke to me more than anything else.

Flash forward: now my house is stuffed with books. As a freelance reviewer for the Oregonian, I get far more books than I could read cover-to-cover. (And many of them are not going to be to my taste, but I do feel I should at least dip my toes in.) Plus there are books from various conferences I've attended. The bookseller ones have the best loot. Even though your badge identifies you as a lowly author, by the end of the day on Sunday, when the reps don't want to pack up one more thing than they have to, they are happy to give you free books.

And my eyes are far bigger than my free time. I still have an ARC of Bel Canto, by all accounts a wonderful book, that has come out in hardcover, trade paper, mass market - and all of that happened several years ago. But I _definitely_ plan to read it.

I'm hoping that once I get past this deadline hell, I'll actually have more time to read books that aren't to be reviewed, or blurbed or anything. Just to be read.

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