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You know you’re big time when this happens

Publishers Weekly reports “Putnam Sons has teamed with the Internet production wing of Michael Eisner's new media venture, Vuguru, to release a 50-episode web series that will lead up to the launch of Robin Cook's forthcoming thriller, Foreign Body. … [It] will serve as a prequel to Cook's novel and unfold over the course of 10 weeks in daily two-minute episodes. __The webisodes, which will start airing on May 27 and end a on August 4 (the day before the book's on sale date), were scripted by production company Big Fantastic with, as a rep at Putnam explained, an "expanded treatment" supplied by Cook. The online clips will be viewable at various places online and also be available for mobile download. In a statement, Putnam president Ivan Held said, in addition to expanding Cook's readership, the promotion "marks another step in Putnam's ongoing efforts to deliver our authors' stories to an Internet audience."

[Full disclosure #1: And I was happy that Putnam paid for some postcards for me.] [Full disclosure #2: I remember reading Coma in high school – now that was a fun read at that time and that place. I’ve probably read thousands of books in the 30 years since, but the thrill of it still sticks with me. I have a feeling if I went back to it, though, I might not feel the same.]

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