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The Torso Tour

When Shannon Hale and Libba Bray toured together recently, they dubbed it “The Torso Tour,” since both of their book covers featured torsos.

As reported in Publisher’s Weekly, “Shortly afterwards, the authors stumbled upon a photo booth and proceeded to photograph their own midsections. “We discovered that there is a reason our publishers used models on the jacket photos and not us,” Hale says. “No one else will ever see the photos we took of our own torsos.”

The story also says, “Both have backgrounds in theater and Hale has done improv, so it stands to reason that booksellers refer to their school and store appearances as “performances.” The two regularly shot questions at each other, ranging from “Why are you so foxy?” to “When did you know you wanted to become a writer?” Hale says she prefers to be spontaneous while addressing young readers and “once I met Libba I suspected that she’d be game for it, which was terrific. We weren’t afraid of making utter fools of ourselves, so that helped. We mixed it up each time. Our goal was to keep each other laughing and that kept everything fresh.”

Read more here.

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