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This is more like it!

Even though I am on the freaking deadline from heck, life now that I am finally able to write full time is still seeming pretty sweet. Like yesterday I got some amazing materal from an FBI agent about handling an outdoor crime scene. (Who cares that it necessitates some major rewriting?)

Last night I went to my first Sisters in Crime meeting in probably seven years. (The last time I went, I didn't have a babysitter and brought crayons and kid. This time, kid is old enough to stay home by self. Yeah!) And the speaker was fascinating - he is on Portland's cold case squad. I just loved listening to him talk because he didn't talk at all like I would, so I wanted to capture every turn of phrase. "We don't have nice people murdered by nice people." "When you engage in purchasing and using controlled substances..." [I would have said, 'When you use crack"] etc. One thing he said that made us all laugh, "I figure I can't make the case worse."

Then this morning I took my laptop and walked two miles to gym, where I did my first-ever Pilates class and then wrote in the lobby across from a mom holding a sleeping baby on her chest. An hour went by like snapping my fingers.

Contrast that with work, where it might have been a meeting where people argue about procedures or gossiping about who just quit, might quit, or on the verge of getting fired ... I know which I would choose.

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