aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Argh!! I guess the universe has other plans

I just got this email from my YA publisher:

"Hi April - I just wanted to let you know that I over-nighted the copyedited pass of FIRE, KISS, ELECTRIC CHAIR to you last night. You should be seeing it today at some point. If you could look it over and get it back to us by next Friday (2/29), that would be great. Thanks so much!"

2/29 is when I really need to get my part of an adult book finished. Worlds are colliding here. Plus tomorrow I have an all-day school visit. And to get something back to New York by Friday and not pay $35, I will have to send FKEC on Wednesday and pay around $20.

What's funny is how far ahead the children's world - or at least Putnam - works. Both of these books will be out within a few weeks of each other. The adult book is still being written. FKEC turned in months ago, had final line edits before Christmas, and will probably be in galleys before there are line edits on the adult book.

Oh well. The good news is they are still calling it Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair. A long time ago, they didn't like the name, but I think I've worn them down.

It's the end of one way of playing "Truth or Dare" - which the characters do in the book. "Truth, dare, double dare, fire, kiss, electric chair." The only thing I don't like are the commas - it can be a bit confusing to refer to it in a sentence.

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