aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

A career high? Lauded for a semicolon

Quitting my day job was something I dreamed of for years. And feared. I mean, what if this doesn’t work out and I slowly starve to death? Or, more likely, end up down the line with no health care insurance at all.

But when I see helicopters hovering over the freeway at morning rush hour, I’m so glad I’m not trying to merge onto it.

And when my coworker tells me that my old department seems to be planning yet another reorg, that there are lots of closed door meetings from which people emerge with org charts that they hastily fold up, I’m very, very glad I’m not there.

And when I read this NY Times article, I am also oddly glad I’m not at work. It’s about a guy who works in the New York City Transit’s marketing and service information department. He is being lauded for his correct use of a semicolon on a pubic service placard.

“[W]hen Mr. Neches was informed by a supervisor that a reporter was inquiring about who was responsible for the semicolon, he was concerned. “I thought at first somebody was complaining."”

That’s the same kind of department I worked in. And correctly using a semicolon could have been my career high. [Full disclosure: Except I’m not sure I’m capable of always correctly using semicolon. Or even most of the time.]

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