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Online marketing for books vs. getting a review in the NY Times

Publishing Trends has posted an interesting article about the results of their survey of marketing books online.

Some tidbits:

“Producing a video that will capture the attention of the masses can be a crapshoot at best not to mention costly, yet a little bit of personalization and viral magic brought OfficeMax a lot of exposure in the last two years with Elf Yourself. AdAge reported that 26.4 million people, or nearly one in 10 Americans, elfed themselves. Tracking results reveal that the majority of elfees indicated brand awareness too.

“What would happen if an author’s book didn’t get a review in the NYTimes and yet her viral video got 100,000 views on YouTube? Even though publicists seem to be asking this question, using funds earmarked for a full-page ad in USA Today to produce an avant-garde video for a new title seems a bit too risky….

“In a survey conducted by The Keller Fay Group, 19% of teen word-of-mouth happens online versus 7% for adults. 57% of the teen respondents said that marketing and media topics crop up in conversations compared to 48% for adults. Whether these stats can be attributed to youth itself or how the next generation will continue to interact with the world is up for debate. One blogger respondent to the PT survey recognized a permanent change. “In a few years, these teens are going to be the target audience for all book marketing,” he said. “I see most, but certainly not all, book advertising online. Look at teen authors—they've got it down; they market on MySpace, on their own blogs, and even on other blogs, plus they blog on Amazon.”

“The majority (72%) of publicists said the number of cities on an author tour have gone down in the past two years, while 86.8% of publicists think that blog tours are up. Yet even the most digitally zealous, the ones who initially declared traditional media washed up nobodies, tended to qualify enthusiasm with “well, of course a mention in the NYTimes still sells a lot of books.”

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