aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

28 (or so) Days Later-Another Reality Check

A month ago, I spent the morning cleaning my office at the job I had held for 18 years, loaded boxes of accumulated detrius in my car, came home, and started work on the book that is due pretty much right now. [Full disclosure: the boxes still sit at the top of the stairs.] Here's what I've learned since then.

Concept: I will no longer get up to my alarm!
Reality: I get up to my husband's alarm.

Concept: I will eat salads! Lots of salads! In fact, my lunch will consist solely of salad!
Reality: I buy salad stuff. One week later, I throw it away. I continue to eat leftovers for lunch.

Concept: I will be at risk of eating nothing but junk food all day as I fight off boredom.
Reality: I'm not snacking much at all. But I've learned never ever to buy Reduced Fat Cheese Curls at Trader Joes. Because you will think that "reduced fat" means you can eat the whole bag in one to two sittings. The bag that contains seven servings.

Concept: The most I am capable of writing in a day (strictly writing, not checking email or reading LJ or whatever) is 2.5 hours. Otherwise my brain will leak out my ears and drip on my shoulders.
Reality: 4 or 5 hours or more is possible. Some days I just wander around in a daze.

Concept: The house will be sparkling clean.
Reality: See Full Disclosure above

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