aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Hm - gotta wonder if there is co-op money involved here

Publishers Weekly reports that Barnes & Noble has a new section of its website, called Barnes & Noble Studio. Part of it will be a new web video series called Barnes & Noble Tagged! and Book Obsessed. It's "a magazine-style weekly web series hosted by actress Molly Pesce (she also hosts Animal Planet’s Backyard Habitat) where, she explains in this week’s 4-minutes-long video, “we search out the best and the juiciest from the world of books.” Among the books Pesce highlights in the first program are Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart (Simon & Schuster), Linda Fairstein’s Killer Heat (Doubleday) and Jeffrey Archer’s A Prison Diary (St. Martin’s)."

Okay, those aren't exactly brand new, previously undiscovered names in the book game. All three are prominent authors whom their publishers heavily promote. I have to wonder whether there is some kind of pay-to-play deal going on here, just as chain bookstores ask for co-op money - the product placement fees publishers pay for prominent display.

[Full disclosure: Or maybe I'm just too cynical/]

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