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JacketFlap: Do you use it? For what? How useful is it?

Publishers Weekly reports: “Less than two years after its launch, JacketFlap.com, a social networking Web site for those involved in the world of children’s books, receives some 200,000 visits each month. More than 1,600 published authors and illustrators have created member profiles on the site, which also includes profiles established by publishers, booksellers, librarians and agents. In addition to offering online chatting opportunities—the site offers a “Blog Reader” that aggregates posts from more than 650 children’s book-related blogs—JacketFlap also features a searchable database of almost 900,000 children’s books, 200,000 published individuals and 20,000 publishers.”

Okay, I’m on JacketFlap and even run an icon for it on my blog. But I haven’t really ever tried to use it. It’s more like MySpace and Facebook for me – I’m on them, but don’t make as much use of them as I probably couuld, because I haven't had the time to figure it out.

Read more about JacketFlap here.

Do you use JacketFlap – and for what?

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