aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Even crazed ants couldn't stop me

Our house is 90 years old, with lathe and plaster walls. We've lived here for about 15. Every spring there are ants. We have had the exterminators out many of those years. We buy the five-year guarantee that says the ants won't return, but they always do. When we had the laundry room roof redone two years ago, our very patient guy tore out a huge carpenter ant nest from the ceiling (even just seeing the aftermath made me ill). We got rid of an old woodpile. We've made homemade traps with borax and Karo syrup. We buy the little ant hotels that look like flowers. Every now and then I buy a spray can, even though it smells like death.

And the ants laugh in our faces.

Yesterday I spent hours at this commuter, making one last pass through the first draft of a new book. Probably fifty ants crawled across the table toward me during that time.

But haha! Two can play the laughing game. I let nothing deter me. I simply brushed the ants onto the floor. The draft got done around 11 p.m. And today I celebrate by cleaning the basement. And keeping an eye out for ants.

If anyone wants to join the party, let me know.

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