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Fewer books in the store = More sales?

Publisher’s Lunch says that “ Borders CEO George Jones reported that in the first few weeks at their new concept store in Ann Arbor, more face-out and a smaller title selection than a typical superstore were producing a "dramatic" increase in sales. Now the chain is quickly spreading those changes throughout their stores. The WSJ says "customers throughout the country should be able to see the difference in displays within six weeks. While books shown face-out will still be in the overall minority, as many as three times the titles as in the past will be shelved with covers showing."”

So why should fewer books result in more sales? People can only handle so much choice. In a 2000 issue of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology a study showed that when shoppers are given the option of choosing among smaller and larger assortments of jam, they are more interested in the larger assortment. But when it comes time to pick just one, they're 10 times more likely to make a purchase if they choose among six rather than among 24 flavors of jam.

Another reason that I read online - they also looked at cereals. No one goes to the store and expects to find the cereal boxes with only the side panel facing out.

I guess we had all just better hope our books make the cut.

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