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One way the YA and adult fiction worlds are very different

I have published one young adult thriller, with two more in the works. I've also published five adult mysteries and thrillers, with four more contracted for.

In the adult world, there are four places that review your book BEFORE it comes out: Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Booklist, and Library Journal. Each has its own idiosyncracies. Like Kirkus is seen as snarky, and Booklist only reviews books they like. Reviews might appear months before pub date, or, for a less well-known writer, might come out shortly before or after. But not a long while after.

In the YA world, it seems to be completely different. But why? Usually, the only pre-publication reviews are from

School Library Journal, the Bulletin, Booklist, VOYA, Horn Book and PW often take three months or more AFTER pub date.

But a lot of these are the same publications or sister publications to magazines that manage to review adult books before they come out. Does any one know why there is such a long gap for YA?

At least now I know to expect it.

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