aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Teaser Tuesday

Jeff wanted to be inside. He wanted to be warm and dry and with nothing around him that wasn’t manmade. No wild animals, no dead people, no parts of dead people, no dark wet shadows under bushes. Everything clean and neat and tidy.

But first he had to tell the police what he had found. Let them take care of it. That was their job, to deal with the things that weren’t clean and neat and tidy.

About twenty feet behind him lay a clearing. He hurried over to it, holding his phone in front of him, but taking frequent glances back at the hand, as if it were capable of scurrying off on its own. He lifted the phone up to the clear spot of sky. For a second, the display flickered. But even as he felt a surge of hope, it went back to reading “No signal.”

Jeff had to get out of here. Get out of the woods. Get back to civilization so that he could call the police. But if he left, could he bring the police back here? To this exact same spot? What if he couldn’t find this place again? What if the animal came back for its lunch?

With dawning horror, Jeff realized there was only one solution.

He would have to take the hand with him.

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