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Show some emotion

I got an email from a writer who has the coolest thing on her blog, The Bookshelf Muse: every Thursday she has a new listing in what she calls an Emotion Thesaurus. So the next time you get stuck trying to think of a different way to show anger and you keep finding yourself saying they “scowled,” you can turn to the Emotion Thesaurus.

Here are some of her examples for unease:
crossing/uncrossing arms or legs
shifting around in chair
slipping hands in pockets
glancing at a person, a clock, a door, etc, then looking away
chewing on a fingernail
drawing mouth into a straight line and biting lip
excessive swallowing
flips hair back (female)
pushes food around on plate

So far she has done: anger, disappointment, embarrassment, fear, happiness, jealousy, sadness, shock, and unease.

See for yourself here.

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