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How a low-budget (no-budget video) took You Tube by storm

Most book trailers probably don’t induce anyone to buy the book. Looking at still photos or even watching a renactment isn't exactly like reading ther book. But a pop-up book? A clever pop-up book? I have a feeling that this will really help sales.

The marketing manager tells Publishers Weekly: “We created the video for the sales people at Macmillan since we only had two copies of the mock-up and nothing to leave behind with accounts,” she explained. “I made the video using a super-cheap camera and a super-free model—myself. We used my coworker Nancy Mercado’s desk and borrowed an old convention banner from our friends at Bedford/St. Martin’s down the hall. Kat Kopit, Neal Porter’s assistant, helped me tape a light bulb to a door, and we filmed me flipping through the book a few times.”

Read more – and click on a link for the video - here.

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