aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Do it for a year

Which book would you buy? One about a woman who spend a year learning how to blow glass? Or a book about a woman who decides to spend a year following all the advice she reads in women’s magazines?

Well, Pocket chose the second. They bought Up for Renewal from a woman who had previously pitched the glass-blowing book and who “was working a dead-end day job and spending all her free time getting loaded. For lunch she ate animal crackers and Doritos from a vending machine, and for a midday snack she was having sex on her desk with a guy named Bruno who worked in the cubicle next to hers.” [Full disclosure: that doesn't sound THAT bad.]

It’s just one of dozens of books of weird things people do for a limited period of time, like not shop, eat local, have sex every day, etc.

Read more about this type of book here.

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