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Reader, I knew him when

I remember when Rick Riordan was a guy who wrote mysteries on the side while teaching school. He sent me a sympathetic note when I posted on DorthyL.com the little tale of the day I was so crazy-busy that I put my panties on sideways. (This is actually possible, but not comfortable.) One time I went to see him when he he did an event with author Sue Henry and the two of them only drew about 20 people.

Now he’s like a huge, huge deal. His next book will have a million copies printed. PW reports” “Scholastic brought him to Italy to introduce The 39 Clues, a multi-platform middle-grade adventure series that incorporates books, an online game, collectible cards and $100,000 in prize money. Scholastic has world rights to the series, which launches on September 9, and at Bologna they presented the 39 Clues concept to international publishers, with the aim of selling it in the non-English speaking world.”

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Read more here.

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