aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My literary weekend

On Friday, I was one of about a dozen authors at a benefit for low-income housing. I’ve been attending since the first year, when it was held in a decrepit Odd Fellows hall and none of the organizers really knew what they were doing. Now it’s a dressy dinner at a country club for about 300 people. The headliner was the guy who wrote Three Cups of Tea. Marc Acito (Attack of the Theater People) also spoke, as did Chelsea Cain (Heartsick). It was nice to be around people who were all about books - reading them, writing them, talking about them.

Then on Saturday, we took kid to Paranoid Park (don’t worry, we instructed kid to close eyes during brief gory part). What an ode to Portland. Adapted from a young adult book written by Blake Nelson (former Portlander). Filmed by local boy Gus Van Sant (who cast our friend in his first movie). And with music by the late Elliot Smith (also of Portland). And filmed in Portland. They even did the casting call a block from my office – all these skater kids standing in long lines. The result is dark and dreamy.

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