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Joy! Joy! Joy!

There are VERY few authors any more who out and out delight me. Mostly I see the sinews under the flesh, see the strings above the puppets. I read and find myself editing in my head.

But then there’s the rare book that simply sweeps me away. One such book was Life as We Knew It. It was like The Road, minus the baby-eating.

So guess what artistq sent me?

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An ARC of “the dead and the gone.”

My kid saw it and immediately said, “When can I read it?” I imagined us tussling over the book.

But then I had a better idea. My birthday is April 14. And this is going to be my present to myself. I'm going to read it cover to cover.

I am so happy! It is a doubly-good present because artistq has had a lot on her plate , yet she found the time to send it to me.

Now Susan Beth Pfeffer [whom I have never met, although she has a wonderful blog over at blogspot] if you are reading this, I would love to pitch this to my Oregonian editor for a review. But my YA column is supposed to only be about books with a Northwest tie. So I'll have to persuade him it merits an exception. Maybe you could send me a list of reviews or awards the first one won, or how it crosses over to adults well, or something, anything I could use to justify this idea?

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