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Getting on NPR is 15 times harder than getting into Harvard

Publishers Lunch reports, “Viking/Penguin Assistant Director of Publicity Yen Cheong has started a weekly tally of author appearances on national NPR shows as part of a contest for book publicists to keep track of how many books are actually covered. It grew out of a realization, Cheong explains on her Book Publicity Blog, that of "100,000+ authors published each year, the national NPRs interview about 600 of them (I'm estimating a dozen interviews per week) -- which is a whopping 0.06 percent. In other words, getting on a national NPR show is 15 times harder than getting into Harvard." Weekly contest winners will receive the NPR Books Grid, an Excel spreadsheet listing the titles, authors, subjects, shows, interviewers and post-interview Amazon rankings of all the book stories for that week.”

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