aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Bob is my new best friend

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[This isn't a very good photo - but it's in the basement and on my cell phone, so what the hey!]

I punched the heavy bag hanging from the hook in my ceiling hard enough and enough times that it pulled completely out. So I got Bob instead. Bob has a chin, unlike a bag, so my upper cuts actually have something to grab onto. Bob is already beginning to get a bit of a five o’clock shadow. He also has a mean expression and a flail chest. When his base is filled with water, Bob still rocks a bit, but I’m getting used to him. I think I’m going to like him.

I started doing a boxing routine because Cooking Light picked me! Did it work? See for yourself by reading the blog I kept about the experience here. [One weird thing: they edited the word "guy" in my entries to "male." Why? I would never say "my male friend." Ever.]

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