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The Author as Huckster

My friend and occasional publicist, Robert Weibezahl, sent me the link for this. A story in the LA Times highlights the author's attempts to get her book some attention. They all seem rather funny and pathetic - but writing an ARTICLE about it for the LA Times seems genius. (The subhead is rather odd, as the article isn't really about touring. At most newspapers, someone else writes the heads, and in this case I would guess the subheads as well.)
The Author as Huckster
Just writing a book isn't good enough anymore; now you have to tour.
By Michelle Slatalla
Michelle Slatalla's book, "The Town on Beaver Creek: The Story of Lost Kentucky Community," was published Aug. 1. [This is the part that's golden.]
September 5 2006
I have never been sponsored by a bourbon before. But before my book was published, I had to learn lots of new things. Things, I must point out, that Ernest Hemingway was never asked to do.
I'll tell you a secret: no one knows how to make books sell more copies. It perhaps involves pixie dust and the zeitgeist and the entrails of a goat. Even writing a really good book is not necessarily necessary.

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