aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Sometimes your heart just breaks

I grew up with a girl named Kim Bates. We were good friends in elementary, went to each other's birthday parties, although by high school not so close.

In 1996, when my daughter was 1, Kim's 15 year old went missing. She vanished walking to church.

My brother called me tonight, tells me the Web address of the local paper. It says, "The remains of Kaelin Rose Glazier, 15, who disappeared in November 1996, have been found and officials have concluded that the Ruch teen was killed."

The probable killer? The guy who knew her as a teen and has been complaining ever since that police have been harrassing him for no reason.

Meanwhile, for the past 12 years Kim's family followed up dozens of leads. Kaelin pregnant and living in Portland, Kaelin dead somewhere along the river, Kaelin working as a model in New York.

Kim was on all the talk shows that eat this kind of thing up: Montel, Maury, Geraldo.

They were reduced to begging the public to make an anonymous phone call to tell them where her body was. But no calls came in.

And now someone has found it. Found her.

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