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The secret to happiness

Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California at Riverside has discovered that the road toward a more satisfying and meaningful life involves ...
-Make lists of things for which you're grateful in your life. [Check – I keep it in a beautiful marbled journal my agent got for me in Europe] [As I'm going to sleep, I also try to think of three good things that happened that day. But I often forget.]
-Practice random acts of kindness. [Sometimes. I could be better about this.
-Forgive your enemies. [There was one guy at work who REALLY made me angry, and on my mom’s advice I started praying for him. By the time I left, we got along fine. The same could not be said for one of my bosses. I should have tried the prayer route there, too, but I’m not sure – it might have been a lost cause.
-Notice life's small pleasures. [This is a lot easier when you are not working full time and running full-tilt.]
-Take care of your health [I do good on the exercise part, and I eat healthy foods – but I also can snarf down a family-size bag of chips without even thinking.]
-Practice positive thinking. [I’m trying not to dwell on negative thoughts, which might be the same thing.]
-Invest time and energy into friendships and family. [Again - this is now easier because I am not working. In fact, most of them are, and don’t have the reciprocal time.]

How about you?

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