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When is a dead squirrel like a Glock - and other random musings

On my birthday, on my run I passed a dead squirrel that had been on the sidewalk for a day. The only thing thta had changed was that someone had laid a tulip on top of it since I had first seen it. There was no obvious injury. A half block further was some litter, and on the way back I used the litter to pick up the dead squirrel - which was very stiff - and carry it to a garbage can.

I shot a Glock in my FBI class, as well as a Sig Sauer and an MP-5 submachine gun. So how is a dead squirrel like a Glock? They are both surprisingly heavy. And you hold them at arm's length. And they are serious, too. The both make you think of life and death.

In other birthday news, despite the fact that I spent three hours at Dan's Auto Center while they did something to my brakes, thanks to artistq I had tons of fun.

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Because “the dead and the gone" was fantastic!

It's the kind of book you want to read, not live. It's about what happens in the near future after an asteroid knocks the moon much closer to the earth. From page 180:
As Julie and Alex walked hom from school, they saw a man leap from a seventh-story window, falling to the sidewalk about twenty feet from them.

"Alex grabbed his sister, feeling her thin body shake under her winter coat. "Hurry," he said, pulling her along as he raced to the body. "you get his shoes, and I'll look for his wallet and his watch."
I seldom read a book in a single day, but I did this one.

And on a final note, my mom got a fortune cookie that said she would come into wealth. Yesterday, she got her share of a $28 million dollar settlement. It was for 26 cents. She is giddy, trying to decide how to spend it.

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