aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I am an addict - and a thief

Woke up this morning to no Internet. No Internet!

How would I know what was in my calendar? How would I read my LJ friends' latest musings?

And what if:
- my agent emailed me?
- my editor emailed me?
- my coauther emailed me?
- someone wanted to get together?
- a man in Nigeria wanted my help in getting some money out of the country?

First, I thought I could steal the neighbors, as I could see lots of signals. But they weren't very neighborly - they all required a password. I managed to go cold turkey for three hours, but then I gave in.

So Portland was supposed to get a wireless cloud, but only part of it got done, so it's like intermittent cloudiness, perfect for Portland. I walked five blocks and found a bench where I could get it, but there was glare on the screen. I tried draping my coat over it. Then I just looked like I was furtively looking at porn. And then it started to rain.

So I drove to the library - where I discovered all of the above emails had really happened. I wrote, and checked my email, and finally had to leave. Took kid to get haircut and afterward tried to find part of the cloud, which meant I wandered around holding my laptop in front of me. I finally got it and I ended up crouched on a dirty railroad tie edging a flower bed. When I came back to the car, kid accused me of being an addict. What? What is kid talking about? I can take it or leave it, baby!

Tonight I'm in the backyard, having finally found someone with unshielded access. So thank you "linksys!" I promise not to try to hack into your emails or watch streaming video! And the Comcast guy is supposed to be here tomorrow between 12 and 2.

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