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Trust falls

Last weekend I saw one of the top execs at my old company. She was buying lottery tickets.

I am SO glad I am not working at a company any more. One reason is - no more team-building retreats. When you work for a big company, you have lots of those.

There was the consultant who told us this story about geese. Because they fly in that V-formation, it lessens the amount of work everyone but the lead goose had to do. That seemed true. Then she riffed on about how if a goose was injured, another goose was stay with it until it got better and they were both able to fly away. She wasn't talking about mates, but the goose-equivalent of co-workers.

Well, maybe.

There was the consultant who told us we had self-esteem banks, and we had to discuss what made deposits and withdrawals from our self-esteem banks. It got confusing, because somehow withdrawals were good.

The afternoon when our incredibly under-staffed department was split into groups and given paper cups, popsicle sticks, tape, paper clips, and sheets of paper and challenged to build the tallest tower that couldn't be blown over by someone waving a clipboard. This when it meant we would all have to work overtime.

The worst was when my car broke down on the way to a retreat. I sprained my thumb pushing it off the road. A coworker picked me up and took me to the retreat. We actually did "trust falls" - where you go limp and fall backward and pray that your teammates catch you. I was told I HAD to participate. So I had my thumb in a cup of crushed ice, and whimpered, "Please don't touch my thumb! Don't anyone touch my thumb!"

Later, when I later left to have it X-rayed, tthe consultant glared at me.

The only good thing I ever learned at a retreat was Myers-Briggs. That was actually useful and I still use it to help me understand characters. [Full disclosure: I'm an ENFJ.]

So what's the worst thing you've done for team-building - or what are you in Myers-Briggs?

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