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Yet another kinda true story

We like true stories, and we like interesting stories, and sometimes to make stories more interesting writers make them less true.

Take the book, Bringing Down the House, behind the top movie release 21.

The Boston Globe says the book "is not a work of 'nonfiction' in any meaningful sense of the word. Instead of describing events as they happened, Mezrich appears to have worked more as a collage artist, drawing some facts from interviews, inventing certain others, and then recombining these into novel scenes that didn't happen and characters who never lived. The result is a crowd-pleasing story, eagerly marketed by his publishers as true - but which several of the students who participated say is embellished beyond recognition…. Mezrich freely admits that only one of the book's main characters is based on a single actual person.”

The paper says: "Mezrich's response to these specifics is to say that everything he describes is accurate, only that it didn't necessarily happen to the people, in the places, or at the times it occurs in the book.” That seems a very, very big stretch.

"'The idea that the story is true,' he adds, 'is more important than being able to prove that it's true.'"

Read more here.

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